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Dead Men Send No Texts

Dead Men Send No Texts by Valerie Speaks

Show Dates: April 5-7; 11-14, 2024

Auditions: January 8th & 9th at 6:30 pm (Cast size: 3m, 3w, 4 either. Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script)

This modern-day radio play takes place at station KUKI which presents a weekly radio and streaming mystery series. This week’s show takes you into the Eccentrics club where Professor Milford has invited geniuses to a dinner where he will be presenting one of them with the grand prize of 10 million dollars. But wait! A murder occurs! Is one of the geniuses a murderer? Is it one of the hired help? Or, perhaps it’s Professor Milford’s trusted secretary! This show is reminiscent of the radio shows of a bygone era complete with onstage sound effects and commercial breaks but with a modern twist. Can you guess who is the murderer? Join us for a fun evening and relive the days of being a radio audience.

GdrRole in the StudioRole(s) in the MysteryCasting Notes
1M/FANNOUNCER Emcee of the radio show, leads commercials, narrates the mystery
2FSHOW RUNNERManages the show, also plays roles in mysteryKATY LunaOverworked waitress, in love with MarlonJOLYNN Mango (HAT)Genius medical researcher, speaks in short sentences
3M/FROBIN Reed Genius marine biologist, charming, loves big words LANE Fontino (HAT)Genius economist, gloomySERGEANT Rourke (POLICE CAP?)Reliable police assistant, smarter than the DetectiveLots of hat changes, May choose to play one character as a different age or opposite sex. 
4MMARLON WaxHeadwaiter, bossy, in love with Katy but doesn’t know it QUINN Yonner (HAT)Genius composer, droning bore
5FFAWN LivingstonManager of the Eccentrics’ Club, smarmy & deferentialCORINNA Ollali (HAT)Genius chemist, specializes in poisonsT6/Ricky dialogue.
6MDANNY SylvanTemp waiter, brash and obnoxious RICK Song (HAT)Genius archeologist, dashing but a bit arrogantA challenge:Rick is arrogant but charming, while Danny is just arrogant. Tricky dialogue.
7FOlivia CULPEPPER Professor Milford’s secretary, very prim and snootyALVENA Treemore (HAT)Genius artist, high-strung 
8MProfessor MILFORD (GNOME CAP)Eccentric genius, first victim, nut caseDETECTIVE BrankowskiConceited detective, thinks he is smarter than the geniusesApologetic actor who only comes alive when playing outsized egos
9M/FTRAD Traditional sound effects operator. Few lines, LOTS of business.
10M/FTECHYSound effects operator who uses an electronic device, such as a tablet. No lines, some business.