Dead Men Send No Texts

April 5th-7th, 11th-14th

Written by Valerie Speaks
Directed by Jon-Ray Cormier


This modern-day radio play takes place at station KUKI which presents a weekly radio and streaming mystery series. This week’s show takes you into the Eccentrics club where Professor Milford has invited geniuses to a dinner where he will be presenting one of them with the grand prize of 10 million dollars. But wait! A murder occurs! Is one of the geniuses a murderer? Is it one of the hired help? Or, perhaps it’s Professor Milford’s trusted secretary! This show is reminiscent of the radio shows of a bygone era complete with onstage sound effects and commercial breaks but with a modern twist. Can you guess who is the murderer? Join us for a fun evening and relive the days of being a radio audience.

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