Please fill out the form below in order to audition for Flowers for Algernon. By auditioning you agree to adhere to the Actors’ Responsibilities and Commitments (See below). Would you rather print this out and bring it in? Do that here.


First and foremost, thank you for auditioning! We are committed to making the play process as enjoyable and fulfilling for the actor as possible while maintaining our commitment to the community to produce quality shows. With that in mind, there are a few items which you need to keep in mind as an actor in our company.


  • Please be on time for all rehearsals, nothing is as frustrating as having to wait to begin anevening’s rehearsal. Everyone’s time is valuable.
  • Adhere to your director’s deadlines. Your director will give you a calendar to let you know when you are expected to be off book, have costumes, turn in bios, etc. This is as much for your benefit as for the production team who is responsible for creating programs, advertising, etc. We all want to do our very best to put on a great show!
  • Do not direct your fellow actors. That’s the director’s job, please let them handle any problems. If you are having a problem with a fellow actor, discretely and privately speak with your director and let them handle the situation.
  • Please treat our building with respect. Please help to keep our theatre clean. If you bring food containers into the building, please take them out with you at the end of the rehearsal especially if there is left over food. Leaving open food in the building draws out all kinds of unwelcome critters. During the weeks of rehearsals, and especially tech week, please pick up after yourself and help us to keep the Theatre clean. We don’t have maid service and in the course of 6-8 weeks it can get to looking rather shabby if it isn’t picked up on a regular basis.
  • Attendance at set build and strike are mandatory. It takes all of us to create the magic of live theatre…please do your part. This can be a time of getting to know your fellow cast members.
  • Promote the show! Help us get the word out about your awesome performance! There will be flyers that you can take to help spread around. Facebook and social media are a great way to let your friends and family know that you are a “STAR”!


We are excited to be taking this journey together. Sapulpa Community Theatre has pledged to our community to put on quality shows and you can make that happen! A theatre family is like no other! Have fun, work hard and let your light shine brighter with each performance! Welcome! Break a leg!

Sapulpa Community Theatre Board of Directors